Semi Automatic Filter Plates
We manufacture Semi Automatic Filter Press with electro mechanical plate shifting device for individual Plate shifting with a Pick and Place type Reciprocating shuttle. For shifting with total speed control, Hydraulic or electric motor is used. We offer the highly efficient Semi Automatic Filter Presses.
Materials of Construction
Structure : Mild Steel
Operating Pressure : 6 bar to max 16 bar
MOC of filter plates : Polypropylene
There are two types of mechanism in semi automatic filter press. One with Manual Shifting Mechanism and the other with Plate Shifting Mechanism
Sizes available:
470mm x 470mm
500mm x 500mm
610mm x 610mm
800mm x 800mm
915mm x 915mm
1000mm x 1000mm
1100mm x 1100mm
1200mm x 1200mm
1500mm x 1500mm